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American Athletic Round-Off Pad

Model: AA-416-097

Our Price: Starting at: $169.00

Product Overview

Pad provides cushioning for round-off entry.

Meets FIG Specifications for round off pads (excludes mini round off pad)

USAG and, NCAA® approved

Made of suede vinyl, the velvety texture provides the gymnast with firm control and comfort

Formfitting gray cover provides visual contrast to Vault Runway

Square edging provides close-fitting, secure placement against the Vault Board

4’’ hook fasteners on perimeter, along with a 2’’ strip down the center to adhere to runway

Your choice of standard foam or sting foam

* Meets FIG Specification for round off pads

416-097 Mini Round-Off Pad 36” x 36” x 1-⅜
416-094 Round-Off Pad 39.4” x 51.2” x 1-⅜
416-099 TAC/10 Mini Round-Off Pad 36” x 36” x 1-⅜
416-098 TAC/10 Round-Off Pad 39.4” x 51.2” x 1-⅜

  • Manufactured by: American Athletic

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