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Hit-A-Way® Swing Trainer Softball


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Product Details:

Leah O’Brien-Amico, three-time Olympic gold medal winner for women’s softball, recommends this trainer as “an effective way to improve your game.” A player can use Hit-A-Way to warm-up or practice most anywhere, even in limited space. Simulates pitches without chasing balls. Develops hand eye coordination and is the perfect tool when learning to switch hit. New materials in cord produce better timing to develop stance and swing mechanics. Hit-A- Way is very easy to carry, weighing less than two pounds. Can be stored in bat bags, back packs or carry-alls. "The hottest new batting aid on the market today." Amazing results in ball players of all ages. New sleeve design improves visibility as well as contact feel and sound.For ages 6 and up.Post not included. (Also see the Hit-A-Way Baseball Model #5HITAWAYBB.)

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