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Stackhouse TTSS 8" Steel Take-Off Board Tray System

Model: SH-TTSS

Our Price: $460.00

SH-TTSS 8" Steel Take-Off Board Tray System

This 8" wide tray system is the most popular tray system for both the college and high school market. The 8" wide board meets all the specifications for college and high school. The weatherproof high-density urethane top surface of the board makes an excellent take off surface. The takeoff board is mounted to a steel framework with 6 adjusting bolts so that you can level the board with the runway surface. The heavy-duty tray is made of bright zinc plated steel with drain holes for easy escape of rainwater. The board is designed so you can remove it from the tray system for storage during the off-season.

  • Manufactured by: Stackhouse

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