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Ultrak 499-SET 2000 Lap Dual Memory Stopwatch and Printer

Model: CE-499SET

Our Price: $239.00

CEI is proud to present the Ultrak-499. This stopwatch system, which features optional printer and computer uploading hardware and software, is the most technologically advanced on the market.
Currently, almost all other memory stopwatches only keep a single event in memory and when a new event is started, all data from the previous event is lost. The unique Ultrak-499 memory is the first to keep multiple events segmented by date and run number.
This revolutionary product has a 2000 lap dual memory. The memory stores either lap times and cumulative times or lap times and lap speeds form up to 2000 laps. The Ultrak-499 data can be printed during timing or later, from memory, it can be printed or uploaded to a computer.
The easy to use universal speed or frequency function displays speed or frequency in any distance and time units the user desires, including miles per hour or strokes per minute. Other features include dual countdown timers which are ideal for interval training, and automatic split release which allows for monitoring current lap times.
2000 dual split recallable memory
Memory segregated by event
Multiple event memory
Selective memory deletion by event
Memory review during operation

User selects desired output
Distance (in English or metric units), strokes or cycles
Time in second, minute or hour

Prints 13 digits per line
Printing speed of 1.5 lines per second
Printout selection of lap and/or cum splits and speed
Automatic printout of year, month, date and time


Automatic split release
Continuous display of event time
Dual countdown timers
Measures to 10 hours
Time and calendar
Daily alarm

  • Manufactured by: Ultrak

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