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Ultrak L10 Lane Timer

Model: CE-L10

Our Price: Starting at: $489.00

The Ultrak L10 can be used to time track races with up to 10 lanes as well as road races (cross country, 10K's, marathons, etc.) with up to 8,000 participants. A linkgate is provided which connects the ten lane buttons to a separate unit, eliminating tangled wires to the lane timer itself. Four digit bib numbers can be pre-assigned to lanes in track mode and entered at the finish for road races. Data can be uploaded to a PC or printed out during or after an event for later review

Road Race (Cross Country) Mode
8,000 memory for individual finishers in single or multiple events
Store multiple events in memory for later review or printing
Four digit bib numbers
Bib number entry at finish or add/edit after event
Four digit place counter
Automatic print out during event
Final result print out after event
Single and multiple start times
Up to 99 waves in multiple start race

Track Race Mode
Up to 10 lap/split lane buttons
Linkgate allows single wire to lane timer, eliminating tangled wires
8,000 dual split memory for single or multiple events
Store multiple events in memory for later review or printing
Four digit place counter
Pre-entry of bib and lane numbers
Bib number add/edit after event
Two digit lap counter
Test mode for verification of lane set-up

Built-In Printer
Prints 13 digits per line
Printing speed of 1.5 lines per second
Automatic printout of date, run number and record type (track, road or multiple)
Pause printing function allows for paper change
Powered by four AA batteries or AC adaptor (provided)

Other Features
Includes Windows interface with data processing
Time and calendar
Basic set includes one lane button; additional lane buttons sold seperately
All wires are standard telephone cables, which allows for user modification

  • Ultrak L10-XC - Basic set - one lane button with Windows interface
  • Ultrak L10-6B - Six lane button set with Windows interface
  • Ultrak L10-8B - Eight lane button set with Windows interface
  • Ultrak L10-10B - Ten lane button set with Windows interface

  • Manufactured by: Ultrak

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